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Meet Our Team

The Rusty' team is about 14 strong at the moment, headed up by the leaders below.

Lee Jackson

Restaurant Manager

Lee is the leader of the Rusty Shears team. He has a wealth of expertise in bar, restaurant and kitchen management. Lee is usually the first person you meet when you come to Rusty's as he also manages the front of house team on a daily basis

Megan Hopper

Head Chef

Megan joined us late summer in 2021. She has experience gained at the top restaurants in Whitby. When we run our Bistro evenings, Megan is the one who finds the right ingredients and produces our menu.

Merrick Nilsson/Kerry Siddons

Front of house leaders

Merrick and Kerry have been at Rusty's almost since it opened. They are the rocks that our service traditions are built around. They know our offerings inside out and can always recommend just the right garnish or mixer for your gin

Our Team: Our Team
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